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  2. Supports the provision of quality and clinically sound system of care services to all individuals in the system of care.Serves as a medical advisor for clinically related activities in Integrated ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  3. Business Analyst - Lagos (Lagos)

  4. -Research the market for identifying new business opportunities. -Explain prospective clients about the advantages of the products or services offered and follow up with them in order to ... [Details] [Tell a friend]

  6. Facilitate development of study tools and appropriate tracking systems for coordination of trials, grants, enrollment status and clinical supplies. Ensures adherence to contractual obligations of ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  7. Human Resources Manager - Lagos (Lagos)

  8. 1.Maintains and enhances the organizations human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. 2.Maintains the work ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  9. FINANCIAL ADVISOR - Lagos (Lagos)

  10. Serves as a Financial Advisor for personal clients, providing financial advice consistent with the clients goals and risk tolerance. Works to increase personal production by prospecting for new ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  11. Customer Service/Admin - Lagos (Lagos)

  12. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Aggregating, editing and publishing student work opportunities 2.Handling real time client issues via online chat platform 3.Collating and updating & managing ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  13. Head Of Operations - Lagos (Lagos)

  14. RESONSIBILITIES 1.The HOP is responsible for development and implementation of the firms strategy to achieve its operations objectives. 2.He or she has overall responsibility for managing ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  15. Community Health Extension Workers - Lagos (Lagos)

  16. To organize the warehouse and direct staff as required and as laid out in the job procedures guide in duties including:-organization of warehouse store and general work areas - management ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  17. SAFETY OFFICER - Lagos (Lagos)

  18. 1.Ensure that all appointments are done and the communication of the responsibilities to the appointee is explained. 2.Ensure mandatory agreements are entered into between the client and COMPANY. ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  19. Process, Tools and Metrics Manager - Lagos (Lagos)

  20. Manages a team responsible for developing and implementing protocols that comply with established policies, procedures and standards of the specified area of IT. Effectively collaborates with ... [Details] [Tell a friend]

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  21. Cabin Crew - Lagos (Lagos)

  22. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane. 2.Showing passengers to their seats and providing special attention to certain passengers, such as the elderly or ... [Details] [Tell a friend]

  24. Remote troubleshooting, resolving technical escalations, and providing technical documentation and guidance to the team and peers Mobile Device management and administration Help maintain the ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  25. Air Hostess - Lagos (Lagos)

  26. You would be responsible for ensuring all passengers are seated and secure before takeoffs and landings as an air hostess. Your duties would also include securing the main door on flights and ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  27. FULL TIME NURSING - Lagos (Lagos)

  28. 1. Supports healthcare providers, organizations, and patients by completing investigations for attorneys, physicians, insurance and accreditation organizations, health professionals, private ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  29. Assistant Project Engineer - Lagos (Lagos)

  30. -Prepares plans and estimates for construction projects. -Supervises the inspection of construction projects to insure the contractors compliance with appropriate plans and specifications. ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  31. Laboratory Scientist - Lagos (Lagos)

  32. Their duties are known as biomedical scientists which are involved in lab-based tasks such as sampling, testing and measuring in the field of medicine. They study samples obtained from the human ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  33. Bank Teller - Lagos (Lagos)

  34. 1.Provides account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments cashing checks issuing savings withdrawals recording night and mail deposits selling cashiers checks, travelers ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  35. INDUSTRIAL CLEANER - Lagos (Lagos)

  36. 1. Arranges boxes, material, and handtrucks or other industrial equipment in neat and orderly manner. 2. Cleans lint, dust, oil, and grease from machines, overhead pipes, and conveyors, ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  37. Sourcing Business Partner - Lagos (Lagos)

  38. 1. Through early contribution in Sales and project engagement, the Sourcing Business Partner shall drive higher value contribution from third party deliveries. 2. The Sourcing Business Partner ... [Details] [Tell a friend]

  40. RESPONSIBILITY: Under the direction of the Disability Services Director, plans and facilitates the implementation of appropriate accommodations, auxiliary aids and support services for students ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  41. Flight Attendant - Lagos (Lagos)

  42. RESONSIBILITIES: 1.Serve and protects passengers by greeting and directing them. 2. Preparing equipment supplies. 3.Maintaining safe operators. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: Interested ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  43. Assistant Account Officer - Lagos (Lagos)

  44. - Credit control - Cash Allocation - Sales order processing - Handling and writting cheques - Maintaining spreedsheets - Managing petty cash ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  45. Oil & Gas Analyst - Obalende, Lagos (Lagos)

  46. Oil & Gas Analyst Oil & Gas Analyst Job Description: An Analyst is needed to provide both research and project-execution support to Oil & Gas Corporate Advisory, The role ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  47. Customer Care Representative - Obalende, Lagos (Lagos)

  48. Duties & Responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative Learn the duties of a customer service representative. A customer service representative interacts with a company’s customers ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  49. IT Technical Support Officer - SURULERE, LAGOS (Lagos)

  50. Main Duties include: installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks talking staff or clients through ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  51. Supply Chain Manager - Lagos (Lagos)

  52. Responsible for the material cost and distribution of products/raw materials for Subsea Operations involving multiple plants and suppliers. Plans a system to provide materials at the ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  53. Technical Workshop Assembly - Lagos (Lagos)

  54. Assembles and tests mechanical assemblies according to FMCTI specifications. Applies advanced skills in procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment in area of expertise. Assists ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  55. Base Manager - Lagos (Lagos)

  56. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Electrical discipline or equivalent. Minimum 2 years’ relevant experience in specialized area or product lines or MS degree plus three to five years of ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  57. Specialist Systems Engineer - Lagos (Lagos)

  58. Working knowledge of more than one FMC product group and/or related industry experience. Expected high competence in one product line min and design processes. Duties and ... [Details] [Tell a friend]
  59. Specialist Engineer - Lagos (Lagos)

  60. A subject matter expert within the functional teams providing insight and possibly supervision to work teams comprised of various skill levels. Works with clients to understand their ... [Details] [Tell a friend]

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